How to Respect Your Spouse

We all know that solid relationships are built on mutual respect.  Not all of us, however, actively attempt to send our partners messages of respect each day.  Being mindful of how respected your spouse feels can be crucial to making him or her feel safe and loved.  It can be an excellent practice to take measures, daily, toward making your spouse feel respected, not only so he/she feels loved, but also to ensure that communication can be more productive and effective.  

If both partners feel confident that their spouse respects them, it can be easier to avoid underlying tensions and resentments from developing. Individuals often report feeling respected when they feel heard and also when they feel their feelings are being considered.

Here are some daily tips on how make your spouse feel more respected:

Be on time

Studies show that many individuals report opinions of lateness as being disrespectful.  While you might practice punctuality in your professional life, many married couples often report not always being as punctual in their personal lives. Making sure you are on time for your spouse can definitely send a message of respect towards your partner and his/her time.  

Be consistent

Research indicates that many happily married couples often report that carving out time for themselves as individuals can be beneficial to their relationship.  Making time to satisfy your own hobbies and personal goals can alleviate anxiety and improve well-being, overall.  

Being consistent about the time slots you allot just for yourself can be a great way to balance your time with your partner’s time.  Making sure your spouse is aware of when to typically expect you to be doing your own thing can send a message that you prioritize your time together and don’t want to surprise your partner by suddenly being absent. Making an attempt towards consistency can be seen as more respectful than just unexpectedly disappearing at times you want to be alone.  

Watch your language

Studies show that profane language can heighten conflicts and impede effective communication. Avoiding offensive language can keep things calm and respectful and can also facilitate a steady flow of communication.  If you want your partner to feel more respected, making sure to abstain from cursing can be a great habit to prevent your partner from feeling unsafe or disrespected.  Avoiding this language, altogether, can be a simple and subtle way to send a message of respect to your spouse on a daily basis.