Daily Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Marriage Fresh

It is well known that marriages can become stale over time.  Couples who report successful marriages often report working at them, consistently. Many people might be unaware, however, that there are steps you can take to work on your marriage as often as daily.  

Here are some tips on how to work at keeping your marriage fresh on a daily basis to preserve the longevity of your marriage:

Take notes

 We all have pet peeves, so most likely your spouse has many.  Taking the time to create an inventory of that which annoys your spouse the most can be of tremendous importance when working toward making sure you two get along, consistently.  The more aware you are of what annoys your partner, the greater the likelihood that you can avoid mishaps and arguments.  Trying to be attentive and awake to what bothers your partner can be a great measure for being a considerate partner and can enhance your relationship.  

Don’t forget thank you’s

Studies show that people feel increasingly valued when thanked.  Additionally, studies have shown that when feeling valued can increase motivation to help those who appreciate them.  Making your partner feel valued can enhance your bond and also lead to your partner’s increased motivation to help you and work with you.  Taking the time to thank your partner, as often as necessary, can be a great way to make sure he/she feels valued and loved.  Furthermore, it can make your spouse more willing to work with you, in return.

Prepare a favorite dish

We all know that certain foods can be associated with celebration. Research shows that preparing food for someone can increase their mood and make them feel loved and cared for. Preparing your partner’s favorite dish on any given night, rather than just on special occasions can not only make your spouse feel more loved, but also can symbolize that your marriage is a celebration, in and of itself. Favorite meals or “special dishes” do not, necessarily, need to be reserved for holiday and birthdays. If you’re not much of a cook, then taking the time to pick up your spouse’s favorite dish from a store a can still be a nice surprise and serve to make your partner feel special.